Pretty Lady: Frida Kahlo

An incredible painter. Also, the woman wasn't afraid to wear a suit - so that's always a plus

Girl in a Gay Bar: On being the only femme in the room

Shouldn't a gay bar be the one place in the world where you are assumed queer until proven straight?

Femme Fashion: Eyebrow Edition

Includes a timeline of 20th century eyebrow styles!

Femme Theory Spotlight

Retrospective from a Femme Perspective: The Real L Word Season 2

Whitney: "I'm pants 'cause I know how to swing a hammer."

Troubles with the Dictionary: Defining Femme

Y’all – I’ve been having troubles with the dictionary. It all started ...

femme as gender play

Being feminine doesn't feel so natural when I'm plucking my eyebrows, shaving ...


Poem for a Monday Morning: What the Living Do

“We want whoever to call or not call, a letter, a kiss – we want more
and more and then more of it.”

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Lesbian Web Series The Slope, Episode 3: Queer Programming

“It’s also really widened my vocabulary, like now I know what a soft butch is.”

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A Femme Lesbian Done Right: Emily Fields of Pretty Little Liars

The best lesbian on television. Are you watching?

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VIDEO: Out at Work Adventures

Femme on a Mission Vlog!

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Letter from a femme to all butches, in honor of Butch Appreciation Day

I love you, every single one.

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Poem for a Monday Morning: Sappho Edition

The most famous lady-lover of all time.

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Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer got married!

Omg wedding gowns and flowers and cake and love!

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10 Things to do when you are sick and a lesbian

It feels like someone baked a loaf of bread in my head. So I’m doing these things.

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Featured Femme on a Mission: Christina Santiago

Lesbian activist. Loving friend. A life lost much too soon.

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Femme on a Mission featured on lesbian radio show!

Get all the deets! Also, there’s a gift inside for all my readers in the form of a ridiculous video.

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Great Expectations: Thoughts on Choosing Femme

Because no one lives in a vacuum.

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Lesbian Web Series The Slope, Episode 2: Pretty People

“I’m sure that if you went on one of those Rosie O’Donnell family cruise ship tours, you would be the belle of the ball.”

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Poem for a Monday Morning: Mess

Because everyone deserves to feel loved.

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Your new favorite lesbian web series: The Slope

“How much gayer can I get having a huge public fight in the park with my super gay girlfriend?”

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10 Famous Femme Lesbian and Bisexual Women of Color

Lesbians and lady-lovers to look up to.

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