Lesbian Web Series The Slope, Episode 2: Pretty People

In Episode 2 of The Slope, the (un)happy couple returns – this time arguing and competing over who is prettier. Enjoy! (Missed Episode 1? Click here to catch up!)

Also just as a heads up, there’s a brief almost-rape-joke in there; I want to make it clear that I am super against using that word in jest. However I still support The Slope and enjoyed the episode!

Obviously this is a comedy, but I’m going to over-analyze it, because that’s what I/lesbians do. Here goes: I thought it was interesting that the characters used a man as the standard against which to measure their attractiveness. I feel like this still happens in the real world; women’s (even gay women – think Amber Heard) sexual attractiveness to men is often the number one way in which her value is determined. Just food for thought.

I love when Desiree and Ingrid are just sitting next to each other talking; they take passive-aggressive to new levels of hilarity. But I think my favorite laugh of the episode was when the canvasser tried to ask them if they had a minute for gay rights and they shut him down. Also I appreciated the book choices: Ingrid reading Female Chauvinist Pigs and the dude reading Middlesex was pitch-perfect.

What were your thoughts?

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