About Me

Femme on a Mission is written by Julia, a 20-something writer and artist.  She lives in Providence, Rhode Island, with her partner, Ashley, and their adorable white boxer named Sammie.

When I was first coming out and realizing that I was a lesbian, I didn’t know a single gay woman who looked like me. I didn’t even know they could exist! In an attempt to fit the lesbian mold I thought was required of me, I chopped my hair short, dressed masculinely, and adopted a ridiculously transparent attempt at swagger that didn’t fool anyone. In my efforts to match the stereotypes I thought I had to fulfill, I lost myself.

Years later, I am now an out, proud, self-identified femme lesbian. I wear make-up nearly every day, dress femininely, and I’m still as gay as ever.

The goal of this site is to increase femme visibility, while fostering understanding and acceptance of all identities, genders, and sexual orientations. Beyond this, I also hope to fight back against the current of media and misogyny that traps women into believing that femininity is weakness, when in fact it can be a source of great strength.

Please add your voice to the conversation! Keep in mind that this is a safe space in which tolerance and love rule supreme; negativity will not be tolerated.

I hope you will join me, as this is not a mission to be undertaken alone.  Are you ready? Let’s change the world – in our best skirts and heels!

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