1. What’s a femme?

The Oxford English dictionary offers this definition:

femme, n. – 1. woman, wife (rare) In the U.S. colloq. (with pronunciation /fEm/), girl.  Also, a lesbian who adopts a passive, feminine role. (opp. BUTCH, n.)

Although the OED claims to be the authority on the English language, I have a few issues with this definition.  Most glaring to me is its assertion of passivity. I’m no shrinking violet! No wonder it is so difficult to break down stereotypes – they are literally coded into our very language.

2. Where do you get all these awesome pictures and videos from?

That’s a great question.. usually the interwebs! I claim no credit for the media that I use. Should you want a source link for any of the images, please let me know and I will get back to you.

3. Can I be mean to you because you’re gay?

Sure. But your comment will be deleted – from my blog and from my brain!

4. Can I see your dog?

Just kidding, this isn’t a frequently asked question.  I’m just showing her off, like the proud mama I am!


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