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One of the goals of Femme on a Mission is to foster diverse discussion.

Let's talk!

Add your voice to the conversation! If you’d like to be featured on Femme on a Mission, submit a guest post on any topic related to:

  • butch/femme identity
  • feminism
  • fashion
  • female sexuality
  • LGBT life
  • or a topic of your choosing that furthers the goals of Femme on a Mission, stated here.

All guest posts will be subject to editing by Femme on a Mission. Please submit your article below; if you would like to include images, feel free to do so by emailing your article to femmeonamission at gmail dot com.

All articles must be submitted either via the form below or as text in the body of your email. Please no Word documents!

Due to the volume of submissions, not every post can be published. But don’t be discouraged – add your voice to the conversation!

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