Lesbian Web Series The Slope, Episode 3: Queer Programming

Hi everyone!

Are you safe and dry? Do you have electricity? So far we’ve made it out okay, but 12,700 households in our area are without power. Guess we just got really lucky!

It’s a cozy evening now and a perfect time to catch up on last week’s The Slope episode! (Missed episode 2? Click here.) In this installment, as detailed on the show’s website, “you’ll witness Desiree attempting to talk Ingrid out of her externalized transphobia as the couple overload on caffeine at Gorilla Coffee.”


The tables have turned in this episode, haven’t they? It’s funny because in the past, Desiree has been the character that comes off as unintentionally mean (“Don’t you think they might be confusing you for a twink?”), and Ingrid is very kumbaya and politically correct. Ingrid’s transphobia, then, is even more unexpected because it was not in any way foreshadowed by the earlier episodes.

Also, I thought it was ironic that Desiree kept saying “my trans friend,” as if she had to constantly label him as such. It seems both characters have some transphobic tendencies. As the description of the show states:

Ingrid and Desiree continue to hash out a power dynamic that ends up making them look homophobic, superficial and ultimately, perfect for one another.

Pretty accurate, right? What did you think?

Also is it sad that I knew she was talking about The Real L Word within the first five seconds? How long did it take you?

Episode 4 comes out tomorrow. I’m a week late with Episode 3, but at least now you only have to wait a day before the next one!

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