Guest Post: “Preppy: Not just for schoolgirls anymore”

Hey peeps, hope you’re having a great Thursday!

I’m super sick, which sucks – but the good news is that we have a guest poster swooping in to save the day with some preppy style tips for the fast-approaching fall! (If you’d like to submit a guest post, click here for more info.)


Hello Femme Prepsters or Sloanies! I’m Danielle, a.k.a “Muffy Crosswire,” my alter ego. I am studying political science (a future Condoleezza Rice or Hillary Clinton) and I am almost finished with my studies. Like most students, I go out a few times a week, stay up until 4 a.m. working on papers, and join some groups here and there. But I’m not just your average 21-year-old; I am bi and proud to identify as a femme. What I love most about the LGBTQIA community is its diversity; from conservative Catholics in the South to Hollywood producers and everyone in between. As a member of this great community, we must join together and embrace our differences, because if everyone in the world was the same, then the whole world would be boring.

Now, on to the fashion!

What I love about the preppy/Sloane Ranger style is that anyone can pull it off; you don’t have to attend a private school to wear the prep look! A couple of my favorite pieces include:

this chic Ralph Lauren Black Label cable knit sweater in ice blue:

And a bright classic pink oxford shirt from Ralph Lauren’s Blue Label:

Another fun part of prep style is that you can play with some of the men’s items as well. Some of the more feminine menswear seems to go on sale faster than other items; perhaps the buyers see it as too “femme.” This way, you can get some pretty good deals; often menswear can be purchased at a cheaper price than women’s clothing, and actually be much higher quality. By using this trick, the traditionally expensive prep look becomes easier to afford!

Now since autumn is approaching those of us in the northern hemisphere, I will soon be living in Seven’s Roxanne Skinny Jean or J. Crew’s Matchstick Jean; but since we still have some shorts and tank weather, I will show you what I have been wearing the past few months:

1. J. Crew’s Chino shorts in any color (staple item!)

2. Vineyard Vines Fairway Skirt

3. Ray-Bans!


(These are my favorites, but if you have siblings, one of them is bound to “borrow them.” Jo Jo, if you’re reading this I want them back!)

Or Aviators:

4. Tod’s Moccasins (any color):

or the over-done Sperry Topsiders in any style:

What do you think of these preppy fashion ideas from “Muffy Crosswire?” Are you into the “Sloane Ranger” look? What are you excited to wear in the coming months?

Want more Danielle? Be sure to follow her on twitter!

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