Pretty Lady: Maya Angelou

This is a very special edition of Pretty Lady Posts. I present to you Maya Angelou. Does it get anymore beautiful? (For more Pretty Ladies, click here!)

Who: Maya Angelou

Why she is beautiful inside and out: Author. Poet. Pulitzer Prize winner. Survivor. Maya is the quintessential strong, beautiful woman. I had the incredible gift of seeing her speak live last year; her presence filled that theater to the brim. I will never forget watching the curtain rise to reveal her standing on stage in a long-sleeved black gown. She was looking at the ground, and when she slowly raised her head, the room, which had been applauding vigorously, fell silent. I still get chills just thinking about that moment.

Maya’s wisdom seems to glow from within, seeping out of her pores until bursting through the gleaming teeth of her wide smile. At 83 years old, she is still as beautiful today as ever.

All my work, my life, everything I do is about survival, not just bare, awful, plodding survival, but survival with grace and faith. While one may encounter many defeats, one must not be defeated”. –Maya Angelou

What do you think of today’s PL?

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